The Korean HIKO Nose Thread Lift !

Dear all, For this entry, we will be focusing on Non-Surgical Nose Augmentation and Lifts, namely the Korean HIKO Nose Thread Lift! As most Asians (esp. Southern Asians) generally have flat noses, nose augmentation is perhaps one of the most sought after aesthetic procedure. However, in recent times, most people are looking for non-surgical alternatives … More The Korean HIKO Nose Thread Lift !

The Hollywood Peel

I’m sure some of you would already have heard about the Hollywood Peel aka Carbon Laser Peel. (Note:  There is NO skin peeling  involved though its name may suggest otherwise 🙂  ) But for those who have not, it is a treatment performed with a Q-Switch laser (in this case the Spectra XT) to: Brighten, … More The Hollywood Peel