TCA CROSS for Acne Scars

Hi all,

Today I shall touch on the TCA CROSS technique to treat acne scars.

This technique involves using TCA acid to fill the deep depressions of acne scars so that they appear shallower.

The following FAQs should help explain what this procedure entails and if you have more queries, please feel free to shoot me a msg.

  1. What kind of acne scars can this technique treat?

This technique is especially useful for ice pick and certain boxcar scars.

ice pick scars

Ice pick scars

box car scars

Typically, only the boxcar scars that are narrower in diameter and deep in depth can be treated

2.  How is this procedure done?

After the face is cleansed, each individual scar is carefully filled with TCA acid using a needle (others may use a toothpick etc.)

3.  Is there any down time?

Immediately after, the treated areas will turn “white” but will fade within 2 – 3 hrs.

Redness and some swelling is to be expected.

Redness typically lasts for a week.

4.  What can I expect?

Scars will improve and be less deep even after 1 session but typically may require 3 sessions on average.

5.  How about other acne scar procedures?

I usually combine this procedure with other treatments for better results.  But sometimes it really depends as each individual is different and every scar is unique and reacts differently.

6.  Anything else that I should take note of?

The concentration of TCA used for this procedure is very high and as such it is considered a risky procedure.  Always go to a medical professional to have this treatment done for safety purposes.  Additionally, the type of scars have to be evaluated first as not all scars are suitable for this procedure.


Check out this video link to get a better idea of the procedure: TCA CROSS technique


Stay tuned for more updates guys! 🙂







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