Quick Fix for your Acne!

Hi all!

Seeing as I’m lucky enough to have some spare time today, I’ve decided to add in another post!

Have you ever been troubled by that big stubborn pimple that refuses to go away despite applying topical creams and taking oral medications?

OR even worse, having to have a pimple pop up just days before an event?? 😦


Here is one quick fix to really dampen down the inflammation and swelling with improvement within the day itself!

The treatment that I am speaking of is the Acne Steroid Injection.

This treatment is especially useful in cystic acne where there is a lot of inflammation going on deep in the skin.


It is quick and with minimal to no downtime.

The steroid acts to arrest the inflammation that causes the swelling and in so doing improves the redness and swelling associated with acne.


Let’s take a look at this video to see how it’s done:  Acne Steroid Injection


Stay tuned for more updates ! 🙂



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