Unlocking the Codes to Eye Beauty


Hi all,

Over the past weekend, I finally attended the much anticipated symposium on Eye Beauty and Rejuvenation with Fillers and Botox by the world renown Dr Mauricio De Maio, held in KL.

And I must say that it sure did not disappoint in terms of presentation, learning and the live demo!  (Thanks Allergan for organising and the invite!)

As always, met many friends from the field and had a great time over an over-indulgent dinner courtesy of Dr Jason!  (pics that will make you drool to follow in abit 🙂 )


Periorbital rejuvenation + Cadaveric illustration


Mandatory Photobooth shot!


Start of a sinful dinner at Restoran Green View (highly recommended!)


Lobster noodle

Bamboo clams and salted egg sotong


Salted egg crabs:  2 thumbs up !


Pepper crabs


And last but not least, the star of the show and the biggest mutant prawns i have ever seen!  Each prawn the size of a side plate with super juicy heads (sinful indeed) !!  Locally bred prawns (apparently) … 😉

Definitely a weekend well spent 🙂

That’s all folks and stay tuned for more updates! 🙂



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