Aesthetic Seminar March 2017

So after weeks of hardwork, preparation and many hours of sleep lost we finally held our 1st public Aesthetic Seminar “Lifting the Veil on Beauty and Anti-Ageing Secrets”!

I would just like to firstly thank all the staff involved internally and externally (you know who you are) for the hardwork and dedication that you guys put into this seminar, without which it would not have been as successful as it had been. 🙂

But of course, many more thanks as well to all the attendees who took time off to grace this event.  It was really heartening to meet many new faces as well as familiar ones and I hope all of you had an informative and enjoyable time at the seminar.

On a personal note, it was really fulfilling to be given the opportunity to share many combination techniques that I have cultivated for facial rejuvenation purposes such as Fillers, Botox,  Face + Nose + Neck Thread Lifts (my all time favourite!) as well as skin treatments ~ 🙂  Hope I did not bore you guys with the many examples shown!

Here are some snippets from the seminar:


My very attentive audience 🙂


Break time !  All smiles with one of our very supportive customers: Sally !


Awesome Venus Team:  Mag, Carey and Willa!


Carey and Mag hard at work at our LIVE Demo stations with the Venus Diamond Polar (Stay tuned for more updates and info on this revolutionary skin tightening machine)


Having fun at the Live Demo Stations !~


All smiles at the end of the event!~


Stay tuned for more updates 🙂

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