The Korean HIKO Nose Thread Lift !


Dear all,

For this entry, we will be focusing on Non-Surgical Nose Augmentation and Lifts, namely the Korean HIKO Nose Thread Lift!

As most Asians (esp. Southern Asians) generally have flat noses, nose augmentation is perhaps one of the most sought after aesthetic procedure.

However, in recent times, most people are looking for non-surgical alternatives as most are not keen to go under the knife.


 So what options are available?

  • Korean HIKO Nose Thread Lift
  • Fillers

I will briefly touch on fillers and why I do not advocate it as my first choice treatment.


So… what is the Korean HIKO Nose Thread Lift?

As mentioned in my earlier blog post on thread lifts, the nose is another area where threads can be used to SHAPE, AUGMENT and ENHANCE the look of the nose.

In addition, threads can also be used to give the nose tip a lift!  This is especially so for those with a “droopy” nose tip and would like the tip to be lifted to give a more “pointy” look.


What kind of nose threads are used and what material are they made up of?

The threads are made up of PDO (Polydioxanone) which is a very safe material that is used in orthopaedic surgery etc.

Additionally, I use specific nose threads that are thicker and uniquely lined with cogs.  This gives better augmentation / height and prevents slipping or migration of the nose thread.  All in all, a better result and better structure to the nose.


Which areas of the nose can be enhanced with a Nose Thread Lift?

  • Nose bridge: to give it more height
  • Body of the nose: to enhance the height as well and give it more definition
  • Nose tip: to give the nose tip a lift so that it does not look “droopy”



So why a Nose Thread Lift instead of fillers?

First and foremost:  Safety!

Some of you might have heard of the risk of blindness associated with nose fillers and this is the primary reason why I do not advocate nose fillers as the first choice option.

Secondly, with time, nose fillers tend to spread and this can make the nose wider and give a person the so-called “Avatar-look”.  Definitely not appealing in my opinion.

Additionally, threads will not cause lumpiness that is sometimes associated with fillers.


What are the benefits of a Nose Thread Lift?

  • IMMEDIATE results!
  • Quick
  • Natural-looking
  • No risk of blindness
  • No risk of widening of the nose bridge / body
  • No lumpiness
  • NON-SURGICAL rhinoplasty
  • Little to NO downtime


How long can a Nose Thread Lift last?

Results can last anywhere from 1.5 – 2 years!


Are all Nose Thread Lifts the same?

Some factors to be taken into consideration include:

  • Doctor’s expertise
  • Type of threads used: thinner threads will not produce the height and lift that is required
  • Right placement and position of the threads
  • Number of threads used


How is the procedure performed?

Numbing cream will be applied to the skin first.

Subsequently, additional local anaesthetic will be administered into the skin so as provide further numbing effect.

The procedure will then commence with the insertion of the Nose Threads via 1 entry point at the tip of the nose.

It is a comfortable and quick procedure that takes less than 30 mins with immediate results.


Any side effects?

Common side effects are limited to the point of injection such as redness and swelling.

These usually resolves in the next couple of days.


Anything else that I should look out for?

This is considered an advanced procedure so be sure to seek a medical professional if you have decided to go ahead with this procedure!  🙂

Check out this link to see how the procedure is done:


That is all for now and I hope this has been beneficial to those interested in Nose Thread Lifts! 🙂

For more info on Face Thread Lifts, pls click on the following link:

  1. Korean Face Thread Lift


Video Link:  HIKO Nose Thread Lift



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